8 Signs He’s Not Ready to Commit

8 Signs He's Not Ready to Commit

Commitment is a serious topic of discussion between any couple. It often happens that the guy isn’t ready to commit for various reasons, and the girl wants to get committed as soon as possible. The reasons for guys not to commit would be fear of commitment or they feel they are not ready yet. Here is a list of 8 signs which suggest that he is not ready to commit.

1. Avoids discussion about future

When your partner avoids discussing any plans about the future of the relationship between the two of you, it means he is not ready to think about commitment right now. He may just not be in the correct state to commit or decide about the future. Hence he avoids such discussions.

2. Avoids meeting or getting introduced

If the guy is not ready to meet your family, relatives or close friends it means he doesn’t want to get into that serious commitment stage as yet. He either wants to take more time; he is commitment phobic or not looking for anything serious in this relationship.

3. He has a history of casual relationships

If your partner has a history of many past relationships and hasn’t ever been into a serious committed relationship, you may not want to get your hopes high. It only means that he does not believe in a serious commitment or hasn’t reached that stage yet.

4. He does not introduce you as his girlfriend

If he doesn’t introduce you as his girlfriend to his friends or other people he knows, it means he is not really sure about you and the relationship. He cannot go announcing when he does not feel that way about you.

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