10 Reasons To Avoid Dating A Co-Worker

10 Reasons To Avoid Dating A Co-Worker

To some of us, it may just seem like a dream to fall in love with a co-worker and be around that person almost all the time. You may get to share some romantic moments during lunch breaks and sometimes dinners and, yes, you’ll definitely have someone to share your professional grievances with and sometimes even have a shoulder to sob on. After all, your partner will understand it better for being in the same environment. But girls, do you really think these reasons are enough to date a co-worker? Well then, think again. Here is a list of some reasons why dating a co-worker is a big no-no!

1. Gossip material

You may like it or not, but it is very evident that a couple at a common workplace will always hit the news bulletins in the office for various reasons. Your colleagues may always seem to be occupied with work but somehow they will always find the time to drop a word across about what the two of you are up to and so, your private life won’t stay private anymore.

2. Insecurity

The biggest threat comes when the two of you are working in the same department or at the same post. We may think to ourselves that insecurity can never enter love and trust. C’mon everyone, let’s not lie to ourselves and just accept it that if your partner or you get a promotion or one of you constantly gets appreciation while the other gets shouted at or seems to give an average performance, this will definitely creep up and become a reason for insecurity and even jealousy.

3. The ‘P’ syndrome

Personal Vs Professional will be the only thing constantly running through your head. If you have to deal with your partner for work purposes regularly, and just for once, things get a little messed up between the two of you, both your personal and professional lives will go for a toss. No matter how much you try to avoid, even exchanging looks will get awkward for both of you and this will eventually add up to the frustration!

4. Easy way up the ladder

Okay, so you’re hardworking and sincere and all that. But if you’re dating your boss or someone senior, then, in case you get the promotion or that much wanted raise, be ready to hear this “Why wouldn’t she get a raise, don’t you know who she’s dating?” Yes, your colleagues may easily make a mockery out of the benefits you are getting by dating a senior.

5. Red Alert

In some firms, there may be a policy prohibiting co-workers to date. Although, even if such a policy does not exist, once your relation is exposed in front of your seniors, you both may be under constant scrutiny. Some may also try to take undue advantage of your relationship, trying to make things complicated for both of you.

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