10 Funny Excuses To Get Out Of A Bad Date

10 Funny Excuses To Get Out Of A Bad Date

Everyone of us has experienced a bad date. In spite of trying so hard to read a guy before you accept his offer of going out with him, often you must have found yourself trapped with a date from hell. Either he may be too boring, a huge pervert or an egotist. What he is, if you’re finding it difficult to put up with him even for a minute more, you really don’t need to. It may not be easy to excuse yourself from his clutches, but it is definitely worth the effort. Have a look at these awesome excuses to get out of a bad date, if you’re in need of some humor. You never know when you might really need to use them.

  1. I suddenly remembered today my ex-boyfriend is coming out of jail. The poor thing got in there because he murdered the guy I liked. I need to go to receive him. Wanna join me?
  2. I think I’m getting an asthma attack, I need to rush home before something bad happens.
  3. Today my pet kitten’s having a bad-fur-day. I need to take her to the fur salon asap.
  4. Do you like cheese? What! I have a history of slapping men who like cheese. Let me leave, before history repeats itself.
  5. My pet parrot is suffering from insomnia. I need to rush home to put him to sleep.
  6. Sorry darling, I have to rush. I have another date. Wish me luck!
  7. I have a confession to make. I have been infected with a deadly virus and I think it is contagious.
  8. I suddenly noticed I have put on weight. I need to rush to the gym at this very moment.
  9. I forgot to turn the tap off before I came here. I need to rush home before my house turns into Titanic in the Atlantic.
  10. I suddenly remembered that I have to meet my parents in an hour. They have fixed my marriage with a nice rich guy.

Dumping someone is never easy, unless you’re a heartless sadist. But these clean hilarious excuses will make it so much easier for you.

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