8 Tips to Bargain at a Flea Market

8 Tips to Bargain at a Flea Market

Are you planning to visit a flea market, a thrift shop or a yard sale? If you are, then you will need more than just money to get some good deals. You will need good bargaining skills. Here are a few tips you can use to bargain successfully at a flea market.

1. Dress in plain clothes

One of the most obvious things that you shouldn’t do when you are looking to haggle at a flea market is wear stilettos, a designer dress and a fancy handbag. If the seller senses that you are a moneyed person, he or she may not see the need of giving you any discounts or offers.

2. Don’t seem too interested in the product you want to buy

If you fall in love with something that you want to buy from a stall at a flea market, don’t let the seller know that you want that product anyhow. Keep your excitement to yourself and casually inquire about the product’s price. This will help you when you negotiate prices with the seller. If the seller finds out your high level of interest, he or she will not budge on the price at all.

3. Start from slightly more than half the price that the seller quotes

One of the golden rules of haggling at flea markets is that you should start quoting your price slightly more than half the price that the seller demands. Quoting lesser than half the price may insult the seller and he may lose interest in sell anything to you.

4. Quote another stall’s price to your seller

If you find that the person you are bargaining with is a tough sell, you can use this tip and quote another stall’s competitive price to the seller. Put pressure on the seller to give you a better price by giving him or her a hint that you could chose to buy from the other stall if you don’t get a good deal.

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