4 Things to Know About Weight Loss Surgery

Things to Know About Weight Loss Surgery

There is the weight gain that comes from eating too many bad things and no exercise and there is the other weight gain that you can do nothing about. Certain genetic reasons and problems with the hormones cause excessive weight gain that people cannot shed easily. These extra pounds cause a lot of health problems such as diabetes, heart attacks and arthritis at a young age. It is for these people with severe weight problems and obesity that weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery is a boon. This surgery includes a lot of procedures; weight loss is either achieved by reducing the size of the stomach by inserting a gastric band or by removing certain sections of the stomach. It is a major surgery and a lot of things have to considered before you opt for one. It is advisable only when your weight becomes life threatening. Here are some things to know about weight loss surgery.

1. It is a painful surgery and needs a lot of post-operative care

This is a surgery that is not to be taken lightly and should never be done for cosmetic purposes. It is highly painful and there are a lot of rules to follow once you get it done. Certain foods will be off the table and you certainly cannot binge on food. Eating too much too soon will only make the procedure a failure and make you go for it one more time.

2. Side effects and complications

With a surgery like this, there are bound to be complications. There is a chance of infection when it is not laparoscopic and because the size of the stomach is reduced, the body will have trouble ingesting vitamins and minerals. There are also chances of the patient developing blood clots in the lungs and the legs. But if you go for regular checkups, the physician will monitor your nutrient levels and put you on a proper diet.

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