16 Libra Personality Traits

16 Libra Personality Traits

Those under the Libra zodiac sign are born during the period of September 22 to October 23. They tend to focus on the needs of others and make great family people! We give you 16 Libra personality traits.

1. Librans are very good hosts and their interpersonal communication skills are excellent.

2. They are effective strategists (what makes them good politicians), good at the game of chess, and have a lenient attitude.

3. They are very good friends and they provide fruitful advice to friends.

4. As a mother, a Libran will inculcate in her children the virtues of kindness and smartness. Extremely hard-working, she brings her children up very well.

5. They are fascinating lover, and very artful when it comes to romance.

6. They are not very stable in romantic relationships and also attract a lot of lovers.

7. They are good in marriages, but may end up having a lot of arguments with their partners.

8. They are sociable by nature and always seek company. For them, others come first and therefore, they sometimes neglect their own needs, which is also their weakness.

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