Top 5 Tips On Motivating Your Child To Do Well In School

Top 5 Tips On Motivating Your Child To Do Well In School

Emma, 42, a mother of two boys aged 12 and 15, has been facing a massive challenge of trying to motivate her kids to do well in school. “Yes, it has been a tough task but it is possible to motivate your children in school if you keep a few tricks up your sleeve”, said Emma. Are you curious to find out what tricks Emma uses to motivate her boys to give their best at school? Read on and find out.

1. Link good grades with rewards

Linking good grades with rewards is a tried and tested trick to motivate your children to do well in school. “Your grandparents used it on your parents, your parents used it on you and now it’s your turn to use this trick on your children. It’s simple. Promise your child a little incentive if they manage to get good grades. I’m sure this will be a great source of motivation for your children to perform well at school”, said Emma.

2. Associate good education with a good life

“Give your children examples of your relatives or friends who have achieved success in life just because they did well in school. Make school and education in general look like a path to success and greatness rather than a chore”, Emma explained. She tells us that she gives her kids examples of her very own two sisters who’ve studied hard in school and are now successful doctors. “The idea of linking a good and successful life with doing well at school is a vital tool that should be used to motivate your children to perform well at school”, she added.

3. Practice what you preach

“Being disciplined, doing homework in time and being well-behaved are factors that will play an important role in your child’s success in school. That’s exactly why you are going to have to be disciplined and well-managed in your life too”, said Emma. She went on to explain that if you start slacking in your own life, don’t have a fixed time for meals and don’t maintain routines, your children are obviously not going to listen to you when you ask them to do the same. You better start pulling up your own socks before you even think of telling your children to do so.

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