10 Dating Tips for Teenage Girls

10 Dating Tips for Teenage Girls

How many times have you played that perfect first date in your mind? Plenty, I guess. Though the dating scenario has changed with time, but the expectations from a date are pretty much the same. Not every date can be perfect but if some things are kept in mind, then your time spent together can be a good memory. Here are some dating tips for teenage girls.

1. Be yourself

Don’t say or be what you actually are not, especially if you happen to like the guy. The truth might catch up with you sooner or later to bite you back and it will be too late to mend things then.

2. Be honest

If you don’t approve of something he did or said, say so without being rude. If you let it go once, chances are that it might happen again.

3. Be punctual

Reach the restaurant or theater on time. Keeping the guy waiting is so not fair these days. Remember, he has set aside time for you, so you might as well respect that.

4. Offer to pay

Well, if the guy insists on paying, let him. But you must offer to pay so that you sound independent. You can do it next time, if he insists upon paying the bill. It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a sexist, he might just be chivalrous.

5. Age matters

Don’t date a guy too old for your age. 2-3 years elder is acceptable but anything more than that might not be good.

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