Top 5 Ingredients Of Organic Makeup And Cosmetic Products

Top 5 Ingredients Of Organic Makeup And Cosmetic Products

Is organic makeup a myth? “Definitely not”, said Maria, 26, who used to work at a local salon. While many products may label themselves as organic makeup, not all of them are. Here are top 5 ingredients of organic makeup that you should know more about. Read on for our quick lesson in organic makeup and ingredients of organic makeup.

1. Shea Butter

“All beauty conscious women know about the magical moisturizing properties of Shea Butter, but do we all know that it is one of the best ingredients of organic makeup? Shea Butter is extracted from the Shea tree”, said Maria. If you are on the lookout for natural moisturizing lotions, look for Shea Butter in the list of major ingredients. “If you are using moisturizers in your makeup routines, be sure to use lotions that have a high content of Shea Butter”, adds Maria.

2. Beeswax

“What is beeswax, Maria? We inquired. “We’ve heard a lot about it but don’t exactly know what it is”, we added. “Oh, beeswax is one of my favorite natural makeup ingredients. It is basically the wax obtained from bee hives. It is usually used in making organic skin foundations, lipsticks and creams because it has a quality of making good natural bases”, informed Maria. As a natural ingredient in organic makeup, beeswax acts like a great protective barrier for the skin, just like petroleum jelly”, informed Maria.

3. Aloe Vera Gel

“Another natural ingredient used in organic makeup which you must have heard of many times is Aloe Vera”, said Maria. “You can actually grow the aloe vera plant in your backyard and just cut out a stem to collect some oozing aloe vera gel. Its uses in organic makeup are unlimited”, she added. Friends, aloe vera is used for moisturizing oily skin and preventing chaffy and flaky facial skin. You’ll find a lot of lip balms, face and hair gels and toning makeup products using this natural makeup ingredient”, said Maria.

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