The Top 10 Hotels In The World

The Top 10 Hotels In the World

Many of you might find it astonishing that there are more than 500 million hotels around the globe. Well, people love to tour and roam around new places and hotels cater to the most basic needs of such tourists “food and shelter”. There are some hotels, which take the whole tourist experience to the next level by providing state of the art rooms and exceptional food. We are discussing the top 10 hotels in the world, which you may find useful especially if you are an avid traveller.

1. Grace Hotel, Australia

This hotel was built in 1930 and has the most comfortable bedding and luxurious rooms as per many tourists. This hotel is at a walkable distance from Darling harbor, Sydney as well.

2. Fujairah Rotana Resort and Spa, United Arab Emirates

This hotel is situated amidst vibrant pools and waterfalls, thus making the whole hotel look spectacular.

3. Marco Polo Parkside Beijing, China

This hotel has it all, right from spas to ballrooms to indoor pool.

4. Mama Shelter, France

Located in Paris, this hotel comes across as a chic and simple hotel that has extremely luxurious rooms and the latest facilities such as iMac television and WiFi.

5. Hotel Alpenrose, Switzerland

If you are looking for a home away form home in Switzerland, then this hotel is your answer. It is a family run hotel, which is conventional in its ways but has extremely cool and deluxe rooms.

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