5 Reasons You Should Not Fear Death

5 Reasons You Should Not Fear Death

Many of us feel scared just to think about death. Every time you hear about someone dying, you start worrying about your own time on Earth. We give you some of the reasons why one should not fear death.

1. Death is inevitable

Each and every person who has taken birth, has to die. Since this is an inevitable fact, worrying about it will not help. Know that this is a cycle. People are born, they die, and then more people are born. It is not as if you have been especially called out by a higher power. You are just a part of the larger scheme of things and you have no other option but to accept this reality and be free from fear.

2. You will still be remembered after you die

Many people fear death because they feel that they will be forgotten after they die and their time on Earth will truly end. Remember that if you have been a good person, then you will be fondly remembered by all those whose lives you have touched. Does it not make more sense to lead a good life instead of worrying about death? Your good deeds will ensure that your time on Earth does not end, even after you die.

3. You will not be able to live fully if you fear death

If you constantly worry about dying, then you will have no time to live. Every time you leave the house you will expect the worse to happen to you. If you let this fear take over you then you will be scared of crossing the road, going on a trip, driving a car, and more. Even a simple thing like stepping out of the house will seem like a scary task. Is that how you wish you live your time on Earth? Know that your fear of dying will soon turn into a fear of living.

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