3 Great Exercises to Tone Thighs and Buttocks

3 Great Exercises to Tone Thighs and Buttocks

Are you longing to get sexy thighs and perfect butt to make yourself look attractive and irresistible? Well, we are here to help you get them. Listed here are some exercises to tone thighs and buttocks. Ensure that these exercises are done a few number of times initially, and as you gain expertise, you can increase the number of exercises and time you spend in doing them.

1. Squats with barbells

Undoubtedly, squats are the best exercises for your lower body and workouts for butts. Hold a barbell in hand positioned over your shoulders and lift it above your head. Then get to a sitting position. Your thighs must be parallel to the ground. Be in this position for some time and then lower the barbell. If you feel dizzy or nauseous during this exercise, rest for a few minutes, have a sports drink and then continue.

2. Leg stretches

Those of you who like dancing, may do this exercise by putting on some loud rock music since it is just like dancing. It is disciplined dancing, This exercise has been used by many celebs who were on fitness training for building an extremely sexy body and is known as one of the most efficient workouts for butts.
You need to stand on an even floor with your feet placed together and hands clasped in front of your chest. By pushing off your left foot, you must hop on the right foot so that your body’s weight is resting on your right foot. Repeat this in the opposite direction. Do not rest between changing legs. The faster you do alternate legs, the better results are guaranteed.

3. Leg-bridge

This exercise needs no equipment and so can be done with minimal fuss and is one of the best workouts for butts. However, you may experience light muscle cramping during initial days, and so we would advice you to take it slow. Bend your knees, and lie face up on the ground with your feet touching the surface of the ground. Now raise your right knee without bending the knee. Once your right leg is in the air, lift the left side of your body till your shoulder level. Then lower your hips and touch the ground. Repeat the exercise 20 times and then switch legs.

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