10 Biggest First Date Turn Offs for Guys

Biggest First Date Turn Offs for Guys

First impressions can leave a lasting mark, and sometimes you may not get a second chance. If you are going on a first date, some level of civility and formality is expected. Here are 10 biggest first date turn offs for guys you might want to refer before going on a first date.

1. Mouth and body odor

Nothing repels a man than a bad odor. Carry a spray mint and use it just before the date and avoid raw onion and garlic. Also, carry a perfume in case if you tend to sweat a lot.

2. Silly jokes

Try not to act intelligent and instead make lame jokes. Be yourself and act normal. Pretentious behavior can be a huge turn off.

3. Hitting and slapping in jest

Some people like to be very “cool” , slapping the guy on his back, punching him on his ribs. This behavior is not repeatedly appreciated. He might not want to see you again.

4. Snorting

Having slight cold or cough cannot be avoided but snorting every other second and making loud droning sounds cannot look remotely attractive.

5. Burping

Eat food that you can digest. Do not over stuff and use a napkin to stifle your burp. Try not to burp loudly in his face. It’s a huge turn off.

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