7 Signs Your Ex Still Loves you

7 Signs Your Ex Still Loves you

Have you moved on after your breakup? What if your ex still loves you? What if he is still waiting for you? There are many signs which might help you know about this. If you still feel for your ex, then it is important to evaluate those signs. Continue reading to know more.

1. He is single

If your ex is still single after your breakup, then it is possible that he has not been able to move on in life. He might have some feelings for you. Naturally it would be difficult for him to get into a new relationship. If he is still single, then he may still have feelings for you.

2. He texts you

If he still texts you or calls you, then he is interested to keep the communication going. Normally, after a breakup, couples do not speak to each other. If he wants to remain friends with you, then he might have some feelings for you. A text message like ‘How are you’ indicates, he wants to know more about you.

3. He wants to meet

There is no reason why your ex would want to meet you after a breakup. If he calls up and tells you to meet at his favorite spot, then something is fishy. It is possible that he still loves you a lot. Why would he want to meet you otherwise?

4. Common friends say it all

If you and your ex have common friends, then talk to them regarding this. It is possible that your ex might have confessed his feelings for you to them after the breakup. They will let you know about the whole story. Confront your ex if you come to know that he still loves you.

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