10 Reasons You should Hug Your Children more Often

Reasons You should Hug Your Children more Often

Have you ever heard of the hug-drug? It’s a miracle drug that does a world of good to a kid. Children crave to be loved, cared for and cuddled. And as parents, you need them to know how much they mean to you. Then, shower all your love, affection ,care and consideration unabashed. Here are some more reasons why hugging your kid is so important for your relationship.

1. Infuses a tremendous sense of security

Every time you hug your child you are assuring him of your unwavering support and unconditional love. Your child looks to you for this sense of safety and security. So, go ahead and let him know that no harm can ever come his way with you around him.

2. Brings down anxiety levels

A simple hug can drastically bring down the cortisol levels in the body, reducing stress to a large extent. Anxiety, apprehensions, tensions are a part of your kids’ lives. But, if these can be kept at bay with such a tiny gesture, then why not implement it from today itself?

3. Brings you closer to your child

Your child depends on you for every little thing. It’s your attention, love, understanding, sympathy and experience that helps nurture them into great individuals. Hugging is the best way of showing your kids that you can actually feel what they are going through. Empathy oozes in a hug.

4. Serves as the best healer

Is your child sulking in some corner of the house? Not ready to eat, talk or even sit with you? Just give him a long, warm hug. Hugs can really soothe the heart and calm a stressed mind. It is known to be the greatest healer of the deepest wounds.

5. Builds a strong personality

Boost your child’s self-esteem by hugging him intermittently and showing him how loved and special he is. This will not just encourage him to explore the world with super confidence, it will also help him face the many difficulties that life throws at him. Hug away and cherish that healthy, independent spirit of your lad.

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