10 Things to do Together On a Family Weekend

Things to do Together On a Family Weekend

Weekends are precious days when you get time to spend exclusively with your family. Plan something which is fun for adults, educative for the kids and leisurely for the elders. Here are some ideas for what you can do together on the weekend as a family.

1. A BBQ night

A barbecue night can be a classic way of rejoicing with your family and keeping everyone involved. While adults can guzzle a few bears, interested cooks can manage the BBQ grill and kids can play outdoor games.

2. Watch a movie at home

Watching a movie in your own home theater can be the perfect idea to snuggle up in a blanket with your family and spend a lazy, relaxed weekend. You can pick the latest blockbuster, a movie you loved as a child or an informative nature documentary that all the family members may find interesting.

3. Watch a game together

Nothing can be more thrilling for a family than going for a baseball, basketball or football game. Don’t worry if you don’t have passes to a big match as local sporting events can be equally exciting. Spend an exhaustive weekend evening rooting for your favorite team and munching on some hot dogs.

4. Visit a fruit farm

Visiting fruit farms can be fun, especially for kids because they can watch how farms function and pick up as much fruit as they want to. While kids and teenagers of the family get busy, adults can relax on a picnic mat and enjoy the sun.

5. Pool in family photographs and look at them together

How long has it been since you dusted old family photographs from the attic and organized them? Gather your immediate and extended family members and ask everyone to bring in common family pictures. View them on a projector to make it a grand family evening and watch how funny stories and embarrassing anecdotes pour through the evening.

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