5 Best Jobs For Moms

5 Best Jobs For Moms

So often, we try to leave our personal life at home and be an android at work. Especially after the birth of a child, it is common for women to hesitate to go to work for a long time, leaving their kid at home. You may be forced to go to work, in spite of this hesitation. Wouldn’t it be great to have a career where you could be seen as a perfect person, as a mom, a woman and a professional and yet have free time to spend with your kid? There are many jobs that don’t have you scrambling for a baby sitter on a regular basis and jobs that are not quite stressful. There are few jobs that don’t take you out on the road and jobs that don’t have blatant pay discrimination, allowing you to spend more time with your brood. It is really very important for every woman to bring a work-life balance, especially after the birth of a child. Here are few job suggestions for moms to enjoy an unstressed and happy life.

1. Writer

If you have good writing skills, then this would be the most appropriate job for you. There is not much physical stress and tension in this job. The only thing you have to do is to think and write. The best thing can be freelance writing. Advantages of working as a freelance writer is, of course, the comfort of your home and the fact that you need not commute in order to reach your workplace. This helps you in conserving energy for yourself and paying complete attention towards your child.

2. Interior designer

If you have a good esthetic sense and have a way with frames, pixels and fabulousness, working as an interior designer would be a superior way to utilize your time and earn good money. A career as an interior designer not only enhances your creativity but also makes your client’s home an attractive place to live in.

3. Local tour guide

If you love traveling and interacting with people, you can be a tour guide. You may have to do online research to give relevant information about the places to your clients, along with some suggestions that help in planning a successful trip. You may also need to help them out in their hotel or flight bookings. If you wish to roam around in your town, then you can show off your town to the travelers and come home by noon to spend time with your child.

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