10 Best Restaurants In The World That You Must Visit

10 Best Restaurants In The World That You Must Visit
Innovation and top class quality is omnipresent in the game of acquiring maximum eyeballs in the food & wine industry. Check out these amazing restaurants located across the globe and how they have excelled in taste, flavor, service, quality and innovation.

1. Noma, Denmark

Noma is synonymous with the constant pursuit of perfection. What you’ll absolutely love about this restaurant is its subtle ambiance set in an old warehouse on the waterfront in Copenhagen. Try out Master Chef Rene Redzepi’s mouthwatering classic Nordic and Scandinavian dishes that you will not get anywhere else in the world. Did you know, after Noma started collecting accolades, many chefs have tried to imitate his style, but have failed miserably?

2. El Celler de Can Roca, Spain

We call this the classic case of quality winning over everything else. Did you know, El Celler de Can Roca was nowhere on anyone’s radar until it started winning name and fame for its ’emotional food’? Wondering what that is? Well, the food served in this Spanish restaurant comes straight out of the memories and childhood experiences of Head Chef Jean Rocha. We think it’s also their ultra modern wine cellar that catapulted them to this position. Fancy getting an audio visual tour of Spain’s key wine regions whilst you’re eating? Then you must visit this excellent restaurant.

3. Osteria Francescana, Italy

If you’re looking for a perfect combination of something authentically Italian, organic, arty and contemporary all rolled into one, then Osteria Francescana is the restaurant you cannot miss. Master Chef Massimo Bottura reflects his tastes in art through his finely laid out, perfectly textured dishes. We’re guessing you’ll pick this restaurant to visit first if you’re the artist variety.

4. D.O.M, Brazil

Are you eager to know the gastronomic delights of Latin America in just one hop-stop? Then get yourself to visit Master Chef Alex Atala’s award winning restaurant in the fashionable city of Sao Paulo. For an exotic helping of herbs from the Amazon and freshly sliced Pirarucu fish, there’s no other place better than D.O.M. Truly Amazonian, we say!

5. Mugaritz, Spain

How can Mugaritz go wrong if they have a chef who was trained at the world famous El Bulli restaurant? Located in San Sebastian, the delicacies served here are changed on a regular basis depending on what grows well in the restaurant’s garden. Or perhaps, what Chef Andoni Aduriz feels like cooking that day! If you want to sample lettuce hearts, roasted beef with vine embers and other preparations that connect you back to nature, you must visit this amazing restaurant.

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