How To Make Your Summer Super Stylish With Flip-Flops

How To Make Your Summer Super Stylish With Flip-Flops

Picture this– a bright and sunny Sunday, summer afternoon, a walk to the local cafe, and the ‘flip-flop’ noise all around you. Feeling warm already? I think flip-flops were made keeping summer in mind. I like to call my flip-flops ‘freedom soles’ just because I feel free and peppy when I put them on. Here are some exciting ideas and tips with which you can jazz up your summer– with flip-flops!

Tried and tested: The Summer Look

This look is all about summer fun. I think it is the easiest to carry off and simplest to jazz up. I suggest you team up your favourite t-shirt with your favourite denim. Add a dash of oomph with some nice sunglasses, open hairdo, and a bold pair of flip-flops. Orange, Green, Yellow and Red are some colors that you want to try on. These bold flip-flops are guaranteed to make you look super cool and all set for summer. This has been tried and tested over the decades and never seems to go out of time.

Skinny Jeans and Nude Flip-Flops

Do you follow fashion trends? If you do, you must know, that from the ramps in Paris to the catalogues in New York – Nude is the ‘in’ color for the season. Add a whacky touch to your summer by pairing skinny jeans with ‘nude colored’ flip-flops. I suggest you get the slimmest pair of flip-flops out there. It’ll look as if you’ve not worn any footwear. I think it is the best way to flaunt your curves without getting too worked up about clothes and accessories. My tip to you: make sure you’ve got a nice pedicure and your feet are super smooth. A sexy skinny denim and nude flip-flops– your walk will command attention!

Wakeup look with colored toe-socks and flip-flops

Whether it is the relaxing evening after a tiring day at the beach or the morning after a big night out– carry off a super sexy wakeup look by wearing colourful toe socks and teaming them up with flip-flops. The key here is to see if the color of the flip-flops complements with the color of your socks. I’d even suggest trying randomly colored striped socks and a bold red on the flip-flops. One little warning– stay away from very dark color shades with your flip-flops in this combination. Black, dull greys, dark blue, dark browns are colors you want to stay away from.

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