Best Tourist Attractions In Tokyo

Best Tourist Attractions In Tokyo

Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, is the largest metropolitan area of the world. The Imperial family i.e. the royal family of Japan resides in the Imperial Palace, which is also located in Tokyo. The seat of the Japanese government too is situated in the capital city. One of the command centers of the world, along with New York City and London, Tokyo is a city of high prestige. Awarded as the third most livable city in the world, Tokyo is extremely tourist friendly. Although an expensive city, its rich cultural heritage makes it a tourist place worth visiting.

Tourism is an extremely flourishing industry in the city of Tokyo. With several parks, gardens, museums, architectural marvels and different sports, the city is a perfect host to millions of foreign and local tourists each year. Tokyo also celebrates Japanese festivals with great enthusiasm and gusto.

1.Best Parks and Gardens in Tokyo

a. Ueno Park

Located at Taito district, this park was founded in the year 1873. It is one of first public parks in Japan, and is the home to a major number of museums. Ueno Park draws more than 10 million visitors each year, making it the most popular park. The park has 8,000 trees and 24,800 shrubs and is also home to the shrine of Benzaiten, the goddess of fortune.

b. Jindai Botanical Garden

Situated at Chofu district on the Musaschino plateau just above the Jindaji temple, Jindai Botanical Garden is spread over a vast area of 425,433 square meters. The garden offers its patrons different kinds of plants like ume, cherries, azalea, roses, dogwood, etc. The garden has 1, 00,000 trees and over 4,500 varieties of shrubs. Medicinal experts, for research and herbal medical treatment diagnosis, often use the garden.

2. Best Museums in Tokyo

a. Ancient Orient Museum

Located in the Sunshine city complex of Ikebukuro, Ancient Orient Museum is a private museum. It specializes in the ancient Near East and Central Asian artifacts. It consists of a collection of Greco-Buddhist art of Gandhara, and pieces of art from Palmyra and Persia.

b. Japanese Sword Museum

Also known as the Token Hakubutsukan, this museum is dedicated to the Japanese art of sword making. The museum is run and managed by the Society for the Preservation of Japanese Art of Swords. The collection at the museum consists of more than 150 items, including swords, mountings and armors. It also has documents pertaining to metalworking.

3. Sporting avenues in Tokyo
Tokyo is the major center for sports in Japan. It hosted the 1964 Olympics, and since then they have invested a lot of time and money in developing sporting infrastructure. Tokyo has professional sport teams of Football (Soccer), Sumo Wrestling and Baseball.

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