8 Style Tips to Adapt and Learn from Celebrities

8 Style Tips to Adapt and Learn from Celebrities

Since the invention of the word ‘Celebrity’ and the boom of mass media in the later half of the 20th century, people all over the world look up to famous, glamorous and stylish personalities and ape their style statements. There are quite a few celebrities known for setting fashion trends and here are 8 of them whose style can be adapted to make you look as fabulous as them.

1. Michelle Obama’s bangs

Just recently, a few months ago when the first woman of the USA debuted her new look, she became the recipient of loads of compliments from women all over the world. She recommended it as a feel good exercise for women who are feeling not so good about their looks and are going through mid-life crisis. An apt way for middle aged women to feel and look younger.

2. Kate Middleton’s classy formals

As soon as she became the Duchess of Cambridge, she also earned the title of being a global fashionista. Her chic, classy formals with sleek finishes in solid and pastel colors not only look royal and simple, but are also very easy for the average working woman to wear daily. Trench coats are another fashion tip that can be adapted by women since they look very sophisticated and are easy to wear.

3. Olsen twins’ bohemian grunge look

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen started off as cute child artists but transitioned into bohemian chic and grunge looks sporting women. They have been regarded and looked upon by most women worldwide as fashionistas who keep raising the bar high in terms of fashion. Be fearless like them and experiment with your clothes and accessory choices; don’t be afraid to sport a so called outdated fashion trend for you never know, you may actually become the new trendsetter.

4. Kesha’s body paint

Brash singer Kesha had spoken once in an interview that she can live her whole life in body paint and still feel her best. If you want to make a bold fashion statement while dressing up for a party, you could apply body paint designs on your face arms and legs in different patterns like this pop-star does.

5. Angelina Jolie’s red hot lips

Miss Jolie raises the temperature everywhere she goes and she is especially known for her God given lusty and luscious lips. To make her lips look even fuller, she goes for bright red lipstick and that’s what women can do too, especially if they feel they have thin lips.

6. Emma Watson’s cute pixie haircut

Most women in the glam business will think a million times before chopping off their hair, since long locks are conventionally known to be attractive. But this Harry Potter star had the courage to go for the boyish pixie hair, and didn’t give a damn about anyone. That’s the attitude women should keep and go for styles that they feel flatter them instead of blindly following trends.

7. Avril Lavigne’s punk rocker chick style

Avril has been enticing teenage girls with her punk rocker chick look since quite a few years now. The rebellious attitude, color streaked hair, smoky eyes, skull shaped motifs, ripped clothes, black and neon color combos, etc., all are quite attractive style statements which women should adapt if they want to stand out and make a bold statement.

8. Taylor Swift’s curls

At a time when straight hair ruled and still rules, what with all celebrities sporting salon styled sleek straight hair, Taylor had the guts and classiness to pull off her naturally curly locks with aplomb. Her look in her initial music videos was pure magic and girls can ditch their straightening machines to embrace their natural curls and stand a class apart like Swift did.

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