10 Signs That Tell A Guy That You Like Him

10 Signs That Tell A Guy That You Like Him

Reading a girl’s mind is almost an impossible feat. However, to tell if a girl is interested in a guy is something that is possible with effort and good observation skills. Not every girl is outright and confident enough to come up and tell someone that she likes him. If a girl likes a guy, she would drop subtle hints that he needs to pick up and make his next move. Compiled below is a set of 10 ways how a guy gets to know you like him.

1. You laugh even at jokes that are not funny

This is one of the important signs that you like him. If you laughs at his jokes, irrespective of it being good or bad, you do like him. It would be your way of indirectly saying that you enjoy the same brand of humor as him or you are trying to show that you like him. It is a way of girls to make guys feel important and boost their ego.

2. You pay a lot of attention to what he says

A girl who likes a guy would look in his eyes as he talks. He will find you following him through what he says and your eyes would not wander. You would remember little things that he mentions in the conversation and ask about things yourself to get to know more about him. You would want to connect with him better with the help of past conversations.

3. You constantly touch him

When you like a guy, you would constantly touch him in a light and casual way. It would be like a playful punch, a casual touch on the arm during conversation and similar gestures. You would do this to break the touch barrier between the two of you.

4. You get jealous when he flirts with someone else

Girls are easy victims of jealousy, especially if it involves the guys they like. If his flirting with some other girl makes you jealous, it is likely that you have some hidden feelings about him. However, if the guy flirts too much, you begin to feel that you do not hold an important position in his life.

5. You pretend to need his help

This is yet another way that girls use to massage the male ego. A girl would pretend to be terrible at something and would get a guy to help her, thus making him feel important. You may pretend to be the damsel in distress to have your guy come to you rescue as your knight in shining armor.

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