7 Eco Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

7 Eco Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of eco friendly gifting. So why should you be left out this festive season? Here are a few environmentally friendly Christmas ideas that you can use.

1. Home energy monitoring system

If you know someone who genuinely focuses their energies on closely monitoring energy consumption on a daily basis, a home energy monitoring system is a great gift to give. Instead of observing thermostats of appliances and tracking bills every month, installing one energy monitoring system will give a complete picture of the amount of energy used in one snapshot. This device has many other power packed features too.

2. Eco friendly apparel

If you are planning to buy jackets, tunics, dresses or coats for your loved ones as Christmas gifts this year, make sure that they are eco friendly. In the recent years, organic cotton and other similar environmentally friendly clothing options have become easily available in stores. Avoid coasts made of fur, jackets made of leather or other apparel made out of synthetic materials this Christmas.

3. Fair trade chocolates and coffee

Fair trade products basically ensure that they are responsibly sourced and legitimate labor is engaged in its production. Since most of the best coffee and chocolate is grown in the developing countries, many fair trade practices have been implemented to keep a check on the sourcing of such products. Brighten up this Christmas for all those laborers and your loved ones by buying fair trade products.

4. Eco friendly cosmetics

Most cosmetics are known to be made out of chemicals and artificial materials. They may not be good for skin as well as for the environment. This festive season, buy eco friendly cosmetics for your friends and family. This includes soap, shampoo and makeup made out of natural materials.

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