Why Do People Break Up?

Why Do People Break Up?

Marriage binds two souls together because marriage is an institution which was formed to establish a peaceful and lawful society. Conflicts and disagreements are bound to happen in any relationship. There are many problems which different couples face. But why do people break up? Find out the reasons provided here.

1. Inability to understand each other’s feelings

A partner promises to be there for his partner in a relationship. Whatever the situation may arise, they both promise that they will come together to solve a crisis or even share a happy moment. But when that doesn’t happen, it may lead to a breakup. When one partner stops taking the other’s feelings seriously, conflicts do arise.

2. Breach of trust

The relationship of love is based on trust and loyalty. When one partner breaks the trust of the other partner, the relationship can’t exist for long. Loyalty and trust are the essentials of every emotional relationship.

3. Insecurities

Both the partners can’t be equally capable of doing something. One partner may excel in his/her field, but the other may not be so good in his/her field. When one partner gets compliments and praise, the other feels embarrassed and perhaps jealous. This lets a lot of space creep in between the couple.

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