8 Facts about Bottled Water You must Know

Facts About Bottled Water You must Know

Bottled water has become as ubiquitous as the clothes we wear or the fast food joints all over the place. It has also sadly become fashionable and the thing to do among health conscious people. But all is not good when it comes to bottled water. It is not only a habit that can cause some serious environmental damage, but it can also cause you health problems. Even though it is claimed that bottled water is clean and pure you never know for sure whether it is actually true. In fact there are a lot of places where tap water is perfectly good and you should be drinking that instead of wasting money on bottled water. Here are some facts about bottled water that you should put you off from drinking bottled water or buying them.

1. Bottled water business is big business earning corporations a lot of money

A lot of big corporations make a lot of money selling bottled water. The money is so huge that they are willing to pay off people and also bend a few rules to go on making more bottled water.

2. It is a marvel of advertising

Imagine being sold something that you can just get by turning the tap on at home? That is what the bottled water business is doing to us. Selling us something that we already have and it is just beautifully packaged with a lot of lies added to it.

3. Bottled water turns a natural resource into a privately owned thing when water should remain a common property accessible to everyone

Water is a natural resource that should be accessible to all and also a common resource. But bottled water companies turn this whole thing into a business making it privately owned.

4. When tested most bottled water contained chemicals well above the prescribed norms by the health agencies

Almost 22% of bottled water contained chemicals that were a lot higher than the normal levels that can be absorbed by the human body. It eventually equates to drinking toxic water and paying for it.

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