3 Foods You Should Eat in Your 30s

3 Foods You Should Eat in Your 30s

Life gets more demanding and busier when you are in your thirties. If you are working and married with kids, then it becomes even more difficult to have a proper well balanced diet. The food that you eat in this situation is more determined by the needs and wished of your kids and spouse than what you actually need. Thus it becomes even more important that you think before what you eat and select the foods that you have o take when you are in your 30’s. Finding time to exercise will also be a tough task, given that you will have to juggle your already sparse time between so many competing and conflicting demands. Here are a few foods that you must eat when you are in your thirties so you will remain healthy in your thirties and also maintain your health as you grow older.

1. Fish

Fish is a wonder food and something you must have in bigger portions when you are in your thirties and here is why. Fish has a lot of protein which help in retaining your muscle mass. They have omega 3 fatty acids which give you a great and younger looking skin. They also have a lot of calcium in them which help you in strengthening your bones which would have started to weaken by now. Some fishes also have fat in them which is again equally important part of a well-balanced diet. There are so many different and tasty ways to cook fish and you can incorporate them into a meal every day and not get bored of it.

2. Beans

If you are a vegetarian and do not want to eat fish or meat, then beans are a great way to get the essential nutrients and also your dose of protein. Beans are also fiber rich, which helps in easy digestion. It also helps stave off those extra kilos you might pile on when eating meat. Another thing that works in favor of beans is that they come real cheap. The fresher the beans the better, but that does not mean you should not have canned beans. If you are pressed for time you can just buy canned meat and eat them straight without cooking or cook fresh beans when you do have the time. Either way it makes a good choice of food.

3. Leafy greens and vegetables

It is important that you cut down a little bit on your meat intake, but it should not be at the cost of losing out on your nutrient intake. Leafy greens and vegetables fill up what you lose there, so make sure you add a lot of them in your meal. They come loaded with nutrients and also help your skin look fresher and younger.

Yogurt is also a great option and a good thing to eat when you are in your 30’s. This is an age when you can still go for the complete yoghurt and not look at them with longing. Eggs and nuts should also be added in liberal doses to your diet to make you strong and healthier.

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