How to Choose the Right Hair Color?

How to Choose the Right Hair Color?

Blonde, red, brown or black? Reddish brown or brownish black? Too many combinations. Too many options to choose from. Hair color is such a huge trend nowadays. It sets you apart from the crowd. It gives a new fashion statement. But what if it is the wrong color on the perfect hair texture? There are chances of it turning out to look very odd and peculiar. Choosing a hair color is not easy. It depends on the skin tone, the complexion and also the original color of your hair. Not always will brown suit black hair or will red suit teenagers. Here a few measures to be taken before opting to color your hair.

1. Decide on ‘why’ you want to color your hair. Is it to cover your gray hair? Is it to give a funky party look or is it to completely change the look of your face?

2. Now ponder upon the time you would want the hair color to stay. Do you want it to be temporary, that is, for a maximum of 2-3 washes or semi-permanent that lasts for a few months? Or do you want it to be permanent that requires you to take complete care of it with regular touch ups and spas.

3. Finally choose a hair color that is compatible with the color of your eye, skin and also sometimes the clothes in your wardrobe.

After you’ve decided upon these things, you can choose one of the current hair color trends. They are bright hues, ombre hair color, bronde, balayage and platinum blonde hair.

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