5 Things to Know About a Cancer Man

Things to Know About a Cancer Man

Those born between June 22 and July 23 belong to Cancer. If you are dating a person whose birthday falls between these dates, you surely would want to know how he is as a person. So, check out this list of things to know about a Cancer man.

1. Affectionate and soft

This is the true Cancerian trait. Although he would come across as rough and hard shelled, he is actually quite a caring person from within. His affectionate and soft heart makes him feel vulnerable, making him want to erect a rough and tough exterior.

2. Complicated

He is not totally complicated but you cannot expect him to bare his all in the first few meetings either. While he can be flirtatious and make you think he is very fickle, he would totally change into someone who is extremely sensitive and loyal. A frown will also be replaced with a grin or a heartwarming smile in a matter of seconds and most times you will never know why.

3. Private

A Cancer man does not wear his heart on his sleeve and can be a very private person. Do not be surprised to find out if even his best friend does not know most of his secrets. But after a while if he thinks you are the one, he will slowly start confiding in you.

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