4 Signs That You Are Jealous

4 Signs That You Are Jealous

Jealousy is marked by a feeling of envy, resentment and insecurity. Most of us, at some point in life, have experienced jealousy, internally or externally. Many people believe that some amount of jealousy is actually beneficial for a relationship. But when it surpasses healthy, controlled proportions, jealousy can get harmful for the relationship. Hence, keeping the feeling of jealousy under-check becomes all the more essential. To keep jealousy under check, you need to be aware of the fact that you are suffering from it. Detecting jealousy is rather tricky, and most often marked by a state of either self-denial or ignorance. Listed here are some prominent signs that you are jealous. Knowing about them may help you understand and control this feeling better.

1. Anxiety

A jealous person is almost always anxious. The anxiety may be for multiple reasons such as a fear of being ignored by a loved one or negative speculations about the future of the relationship, to name a few. Anxiety leads to constant worrying, which may again manifest itself into other negative emotions.

2. A sense of constant possessiveness

Possessiveness in a healthy spirit reflects itself as a feeling of belongingness towards someone or something. But possessiveness is mostly seen as a negative trait in a person. A possessive person tries to influence or restrict the feelings of loved ones, with a need to maintain dominance, and a fear of losing them. If you have been experiencing a constant feeling of possessiveness, it may be time for some introspection, and finding appropriate ways of curbing it. Do you fume, without any considerable reason, every time you see your partner in the company of other beautiful women? If yes, then you might just be experiencing jealousy. Try to curb it in a healthy way before it hurts your relationship.

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