Who Celebrated First Thanksgiving

Who Celebrated First Thanksgiving

Celebration of Thanksgiving dates back to centuries. Some people believe that it was celebrated as the harvesting feast. While, many other believe that it was celebrated to thank the Lord for all the things in life. Do you know who celebrated the first Thanksgiving? Read on to know more.

1. The settlers

They were the local people from the Plymouth colony who went on to discover the new world. They went in search for a new place because of their financial problems. Many men, women and children sailed through many days and finally settled to a place which is now known as The cape God. They sailed through the Atlantic to find about the place according to history.

2. Native Americans

The settlers who visited the east coast of U.S had discovered many Native Americans at that place. The place where the first thanksgiving was ever celebrated had a different name back then. The place is now called as southeastern Massachusetts. The native people knew the place well and they used it for local harvesting of crops for many generations in time.

3. A deal between the two

As the local settlers and puritans prepared for winters, they gathered many things for comfort. Once leaders of both natives and settlers had a deal on protection. They signed a deal to protect each other from other native tribes at the place in 1620. Well, they also had a deal on crop harvesting and crop yielding where they would help each other through.

4. Start of a celebration

The settlers were once seen hunting for the occasion of harvest feast celebration. So, the natives also decided to join the feast and celebration of the harvest. They began searching for best deer and turkey to be made as a part of three day celebration of Thanksgiving. All the people of natives and settlers including their wives and children, began their feasting as a part of Thanksgiving celebration. They ate all sorts of things which included deer, meat and corn.

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