7 Things Girls Hate About Guys

7 Things Girls Hate About Guys

If guys are able to identify traits girls hate in them, they can develop the knack of establishing exceptional chemistry with their partners. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. But if you really want to make a positive difference in your love life, learn about the most common masculine things guys do that girls secretly hate.

1. Dominating or chauvinistic attitude

Girls hate guys who are chauvinistic or dominating. However, girls like guys who take charge of things, but excess of anything is too bad. Coercion or compulsion is not going to make the lady yield. The quintessential alpha male is what most girls scream out for.

2. Clingy attitude

Girls like passion in their life and that of their partners. A boring guy will have to tread the long road alone. If you act too clingy and have nothing else to do in life than being clingy, the lady is not going to be yours for too long.

3. Taking a girl for granted

Your girl will also not look up to you if you either take her for granted or ignore her. There is an inevitable place for her in your life together and you better offer her the respect that she should be given.

4. An insensitive attitude

Being insensitive to her feelings or belittling her is not going to earn you brownie points. Instead, it will bring you several notches lower. Her advice and opinions are important, sometimes as much as yours are and sometimes a little more than yours. There could be times where it is not relevant and it is essential for the spouse to handle it suitably.

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