7 Ways to Impress a Nerdy Guy

Ways to Impress a Nerdy Guy

Is the guy you are trying to impress, a geek or a nerd? Here are some tips you can use to impress the cute fellow.

1. Get to know more about his areas of liking

You may be unable to find something to talk about with a nerd or a geek without knowing his areas of interests. Talk to some of his friends and find out what he likes doing in his spare time. Whether it is playing video games or reading books, get to know what he likes to do to keep himself occupied. Arm yourself with basic knowledge about his activities so you both can share a common interest. For example, if the guy is a big fan of playing games on PlayStation, you too could familiarize yourself with some of the top selling PS games and then ask him if he would like to play a round or two with you.

2. Don’t act too high headed or show a lot of attitude

A nerdy guy could be an introvert of sorts and an introvert may shy away from approaching a girl who seems way out of his league. If you act too high headed or show a lot of attitude, it may scare him away from approaching you. Be friendly and act totally down to earth.

3. Wear geeky clothes

What is your clothing style generally like? Are you in the habit of wearing bright and tight girly tops, skirts and skinny jeans? Why don’t you try to impress the guy by wearing geeky clothes and accessories that may include nerd glasses or tops with prints of comic book heroes? Experiment with your fashion to see if it strikes the right chord with his liking.

4. Watch geeky TV shows

You can impress a nerdy guy by showing that you too are a fan of geeky TV shows or TV characters who are geeky. For example, you can try to catch up on a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory and then talk about how you love Sheldon’s geeky antics. You will have a lot to talk about and you are likely to find a common ground with the fellow you are trying to impress.

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