8 Ways Christmas is Celebrated Around The World

8 Ways Christmas is Celebrated Around The World

Christmas is celebrated for peace and good cheer. And, it is celebrated in different ways all over the world. Yes! You heard it right. Different countries have different traditions of Christmas. Let us take a look at how it is actually celebrated around the world, read on.

1. United states of America

Christmas is usually celebrated in a traditional way in the U.S. Amidst all the festivities and decorations, people spend time in charity and with their loved ones. There are various events in different cities which add to the spirit of Christmas. Decorating the tree or watching movies together is still a tradition of Christmas which is followed in U.S.

2. China

China celebrates Christmas in unity. It is believed that many people gather near the Great Wall of China and decorate it with a wrapping paper for the occasion of Christmas. There are lights and lots of festivities during this time. Many people also follow the ritual of Christmas dinner as an age-old Christmas tradition.

3. Bulgaria

The traditional Christmas colors are believed to be red and white. And, most people follow the color in decorations for Christmas tree and decor. But, in Bulgaria, the color is just the opposite. The traditional color for Christmas decoration is gray. As a matter of fact, people use light gray, dark gray and gray in their decorations including the traditional Christmas tree.

4. Japan

In Japan, there is a reservation of Christmas chicken in KFC. Kentucky fried chicken is believed to be the traditional Christmas dinner in Japan. On the occasion of Christmas, you will have to make a reservation to eat this Christmas fare. The tradition has become really popular on Christmas since many years now.

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