9 Tips on How to Spot a Liar

9 Tips on How to Spot a Liar

A day gives you a lot of instances when you can be lied to. It could be your mechanic who is lying about the repair and the charges, it could be your children lying to get out of trouble or it could even be your spouse lying straight to your face. Whoever it is, you can spot a liar or a lie with these helpful tips.

1. Look for the inconsistencies

Liars aren’t always perfect. If it is a spontaneous lie, it can be easily spotted as the lie keeps changing with time. They tend to forget what they had said at first or would be tempted to embellish it a little more. If you pay attention to the inconsistencies in their story, you can also easily spot a lie.

2. Ask questions you know they won’t expect

Most liars often practice their lines. Not only that, they also think of the possible responses and situations that might arise. Think on those lines and change your routine to ask questions that wouldn’t be expected of you. This would definitely throw them off the track.

3. Decide based on their current behavior

Some people tend to sweat profusely or act all antsy when they are lying or some active people remain extremely calm. A person’s behavior definite changes when they are lying. Look out for the subtle differences in their behavior and body language.

4. Pay attention to your instincts

Sometimes, your instincts will tell you the other person is not being honest with you. It is these times that you need to listen to your instincts and not treat them as rubbish.

5. Fake emotions

Sometimes, a lie can be such a giveaway when it comes along with fake emotions. A person can smile at you and tell you wonderful things about you when you know for sure that he or she is completely lying.

6. Eye contact

Many liars cannot make eye contact when they are lying. If they look down, or constantly keep shifting their focus away from you, then it means that they are hiding something from you.

7. Look for contradictions

The contradictions can either be in the story that they are weaving or in their general behavior pattern. Or the lie can also be contradictory to the place or situation you are in. A tourist agent can sell you tickets to see snow in summer, and you may fall for it.

8. Way too much detail

When you ask a simple question and he answer is inexplicably detailed, then you must know that you are being lied to. When an answer that should be a few words long becomes a long story, then it is a lie.

9. Holier than thou attitude

Some liars have a holier than thou attitude and act all hurt when you catch them in a lie. You question could have been completely harmless but if they had been lying their tone and behavior would completely change.

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