What Are Michelin Star Ratings For Restaurants?

What Are Michelin Star Ratings For Restaurants?

Food is one of man’s bare essentials to survive on this planet. Everybody loves good food but it becomes so difficult to find the right place which would serve the cuisine of your choice to perfection.

This is when restaurant ratings come into the picture. When people do restaurant reviews, they understand that almost every block has a restaurant and the large number of restaurants, eateries and diners confuse people. As a result, people miss out on places that really offer the best there is in a particular cuisine. Restaurant reviews and ratings help people identify those places that stand above the rest, not just in terms of great food but also an overall dining experience.

The Michelin rating is one of the most reputed restaurant ratings that exist in today’s day and age. The idea of starting the Michelin Guide was indeed a noble one. The Michelin Guide was started in 1900 in France by the Michelin brothers. This guide was compiled and published by Andre Michelin, whose motive for starting the guide was to help people on the roads of France, specifically catering to drivers. The red guide was free of cost and contained detailed information not just about food but also everything that a person may need when he is hitting the road. The content of the guide comprised information about eateries, mechanics, tire dealers and gas stations. The information gave descriptions as well as prices. However, eventually the guide came to be charged to increase its worth and presently deals with only restaurants and eateries.

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