20 Fun Facts About Barack Obama

Fun Facts About Barack Obama

President Barack Obama is a famous icon whose personal life is as intriguing as his political one. Do you wish to know a few details about his likes, dislikes and his past? Here, we share some cool and fun facts about the current US President- Barack Obama.

1. As a teenager, he had to work at Baskin Robbins. And because of that, he dislikes ice cream even today.

2. If he wasn’t a politician, he would have become an architect.

3. He is not overly fond of alcohol, and neither does he drink coffee. He likes to drink black forest berry iced tea, as it’s his favorite drink.

4. He was extremely adept at playing Basketball during his school days. He was nicknamed O’Bomber for his skills.

5. He wishes to get a basketball court installed on the White House grounds.

6. He likes to spend his spare time playing scrabble. He also indulges in occasional games of poker.

7. As a teenager, he has even tried out marijuana and cocaine. He is highly regretful of this endeavor.

8. He can speak Spanish and Indonesian fluently. He spent considerable years of his childhood in Indonesia.

9. He owned a pet ape when in Indonesia. He had named it Tata.

10. Casablanca and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest are his favorite movies.

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