3 Effects of Teenage Pregnancy

3 Effects of Teenage Pregnancy

Pregnancy is what all women dream of. But teenage pregnancy is what all women are concerned about. Teenage pregnancy is easily the most dreaded experience in a young girl’s life due to several reasons such as age, secrecy of the issue, emotional pressure, and shame and, of course, the physical, physiological and psychological stress involved.

1. On Rise

Annually, 13 million women under 20 years bear children worldwide, most of them (90%) in developing countries. Despite some debates, discussions, concerns, and censures all over the world, teenage pregnancies are steadily on the rise, although there are periods of slight decline in teenage pregnancies. The reasons for the decline could be awareness, birth control measures, and to some extent, fall in sexual activity among the teenagers.

2. Problems Galore

Teenage pregnancies, as they are generally outside marriage, obviously are unplanned; no girl deliberately desires burden unprepared. Even though there is global awareness and openness among the youth, teenage pregnancy is still considered a social stigma. Besides, there are health risks, both to the child and the young mother.
According some studies, teenage mothers are increasingly young and most of the time, they themselves are children of teenage mothers. In any case, the pregnancy is a result of spur of emotions in a weak moment. While almost all of such pregnant teenagers would like to do away with the burden, it might not be possible for all.

3. Social and Health Risks

Teenagers are not physically or physiologically prepared for pregnancy. With themselves not really mentally matured, it is highly unlikely for them to be aware of the pre and post natal care of the child.
The WHO estimates state that the risk of death in case of pregnancy in women between 15 and 19 years is twice as great for women between the ages of 20 and 24. But when dealing with teenage pregnancy concerning age group 10-14, the mortality risk can be up by almost five times.
Besides social issues of shame, guilt, liability, discrimination which will definitely exert negative effects on life, there are several hazards that play havoc with health.

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