7 Reasons Why Guys May Avoid You

7 Reasons Why Guys May Avoid You

When a guy avoids you there could be different reasons for him to do so. There is something about you or your behavior because of which he avoids you or he simply isn’t interested. There are even certain types of women that men usually avoid. Here are 7 reasons why guys may avoid you.

1. He is already committed

If a guy is avoiding you then there can be a possibility that he has someone in his life. If a guy is already into a committed relationship and doesn’t want to give you any wrong signals then he will avoid you.

2. You may not be his type

Guys obviously get attracted to the physical appearance of a girl. The way you look, the way you carry yourself your appearance all count. You may be attractive but simply not his type. This is a reason he can be avoiding you.

3. He isn’t looking for anything serious

If the guy thinks you are someone who wants to be in a serious relationship and want to start dating, he probably doesn’t want to do so. In order to not give you any false hopes, he starts avoiding you so that you get the hint.

4. Your desire to change him is stifling

If a guy realizes that you are someone who wants to change him and his habits the he would probably avoid you. Guys do not like if a girl criticizes them too much and wants them to change. He would want you to accept him the way he is.

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