8 Ways to Stop Trying to Please Your Boyfriend at All Times

Ways to Stop Trying to Please Your Boyfriend at All Times

A worthy man will always respect and love a self-assured woman. While pleasing your loved one can make life more beautiful for the two of you; overdoing it or obsessing about it all day can create a lot of havoc in your life. A woman who is too eager to please will not hold the interest of her man for long. And on the other hand, if the guy is expecting you to please him every time, chances are you are in a wrong relationship. So stop wanting to please every time. Here are some ways to help you get out of the habit.

1. Don’t cancel your plans

If you have made important plans to be with family or friends already, a date asked by your boyfriend should not stop you from proceeding with your original plan. There are important people in your life besides your boyfriend and they should not be overlooked because of one new relationship.

2. Don’t make excuses for him

Your boyfriend may fail to act upon any of his promises, some of which may be genuine. Allow him to come back with a reason. You should not be making excuses for him just to make him feel less guilty about it. It may become a habit.

3. Let him do his chores

Helping each other is a great way to bond. But if you volunteer and think it is your duty to complete his chores for him, you are setting a wrong pace in your relationship. Both the parties to a relationship must be independent and have their own sense of responsibility.

4. Stop worrying about what he thinks

Chances are he is thinking nothing. You do not have to assume, pre-empt or think for him. The objective should be a harmonious relationship that assures mutual happiness. Therefore, if there is something you like to do, a true boyfriend will respect you for following your heart and not be judgmental. Being yourself is the first rule in a relationship.

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