7 Reasons Beatles Songs are Still Popular After 50 Years

Reasons Beatles Songs are Still Popular After 50 Years

The Beatles were formed in the year 1960, and are considered to be one of the most popular bands even till today. Our grandparents were into their songs. So were our parents. We are definitely into them, and so will be our coming generations! Beatles are here to stay. Now and forever! Each and every song of theirs is a classic, and is extremely enjoyable to listen to. Here are a few reasons why Beatles are still popular even after 50 years of their existence.

1. They created a revolution

Beatles changed the way we look at music. Before them, all the music that was being made was only meant for either dancing or was too slow. Beatles brought in a revolution to music. Their songs broke the concept of 12 bar melody. They used to experiment with music a lot. Traces of the trends they started can be seen even in the current songs and compositions.Their music is timeless and ageless, and they have clearly transcended generations.

2. They were the first ones to create music videos

Music videos (which is such a hot trend with the current musicians) is something that the Beatles started in their times. Their journey started with making short films to go with their music. They did this because they did not want to go to various interviews explaining their songs. In fact, they were the ones who brought in the concept of theme albums. Every album had its own theme and a storyline, which continued through various songs in the album.

3. They made rock music appealing

Rock music had a very limited fan following before the Beatles came out with their songs. They revolutionized rock music for people, as a result of which, a large set of listeners started appreciating this genre of music. They catered to a wide range of music lovers. They made everyone a fan of their kind of rock music.

4. They wrote hundreds of songs

This is a common feature with today’s bands, but during that time, very few bands actually had those many songs in their kitty. Beatles were one of the few bands who created a lot of songs, and they were all great quality music, which was wonderfully written as well. The songs had beautiful meaning, which people related with, and that is also a major reason why they stayed with people. They touched people’s hearts, and it is rightly said that Beatles were making some of the most hard-hitting comments in their times with their music. They were not just revolutionizing the music scene, but were also revolutionizing the world with their content.

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