5 Makeup Tips for Women in Their 40s

Makeup Tips for Women in Their 40s

As you age, you need to adapt new makeup techniques to accentuate your looks and hide your flaws. One must gracefully embrace ageing, but there is nothing wrong in looking attractive irrespective of one’s age. We share some great tips to look your best during your 40s.

1. Foundation

Most women may begin to get wrinkles and under eye circles at this age. And when one applies powdered foundation and blush on such skin, it gets settled into the wrinkles giving the face an aging appearance. It is best to go for water-based foundation and powder. Also, moisturizing before applying makeup is a good idea.

2. Go Natural

Rather than relying completely on cosmetic and artificial products, try out natural ways to enhance your skin and looks. Skin may become more sensitive with age, and so using natural cosmetics may benefit you in more than one way. Right from face wash to hair cream, you have several natural products that you can try.

3. Shades

At this age, you must draw a perfect line between makeup and overdoing it. Don’t go for too bright or dark shades. Neither should you go for blunt ones. Opt for neutral shades. Peaches and light pinks are good. Be it lipstick, nail polish or eye shadow, keep the shades light and thin. Also, avoid shimmering products as it may not go well with your age.

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