Most Romantic Countries To Visit This Year

Most Romantic Countries To Visit This Year

Romance is in the heart say people who do not want to travel or who cannot afford to travel to great locations for a romantic getaway. Although it is true that you need to feel love to be romantic, it is also equally true that some places inspire you to be romantic. It’s something about those places, from the air, the water, the scenery or lack of it; everything combined together make spots truly romantic. Some countries by their reputation, laid back attitude and great places are more romantic than the rest and here are a few romantic countries you could visit this year with your loved one.

1. France

Think France and people would automatically picture the Eiffel tower and Paris. The Eiffel tower is a much publicized romantic spot but in reality it is just a piece of metal. The city on the other hand has a lot of interesting sidewalks and cafes where you can sit for hours looking into each other’s eyes or take romantic strolls along the Seine without being disturbed. France also has an abundance of vineyards and old castles making it the perfect romantic spot. Also to be seen are the beaches and place like Nice and Monte Carlo. Not to forget the language itself which is highly romantic.

2. Italy

It neighbors France and also has a lot of places where you can feel the romance with your loved one. Italy has a lot of history with its churches, monuments and quaint cafes. It is also home to Venice, for long one of the most romantic cities in the world. Just to sit at one of the beaches in Italy and watch the surf is a romantic experience. Another added charm to Italy are the lovely men and women who are passionate, if you are not feeling too romantic, just looking at them would do the trick.

3. Switzerland

Another European country that is famed for its beauty and romantic spots is Switzerland. The endless hill and snow covered peaks and miles and miles of lakes and grasslands make this place a dream for any honeymoon couple or people looking for romance. The Swiss chocolates are divine to set you in the mood and the Alps are a great place to romance in the snow and do a little bit of skiing.

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