8 Bizarre Side Effects of Exercise

8 Bizarre Side Effects of Exercise

Exercising is a healthy habit which should be done daily by everyone. While it mostly has benefits to offer the body and mind, it can also sometimes lead to certain weird side effects. Too much of anything is never apt, even if it’s too much of a good thing like exercise. These are some of the ways which you have probably never heard of, by which exercising could affect you negatively.

1. Headaches

Many a time, outdoor workouts can lead to headaches due to a variety of factors such as pollution, intense heat, sunlight, traffic noises, etc. Intense workouts, especially with weights apparently tense up the upper back, leading to a pounding sensation in the head.

2. Gas

While doing exercises that build pressure on the abs and stomach area, it’s common to let some gas out. This happens especially during yoga and leg stretches since the internal organs are squeezed together, gas forms and is let out.

3. Runny nose

Sometimes exercising can adversely affect the mucus glands of the nose and make it itch and twitch. Also, exercising outdoors could lead to a runny nose because of the body’s reaction with pollution, pollens, smell, smoke, uneven air, etc.

4. Breakouts

In rare instances, people suffer from an allergic reaction resulting in hives, flushing, and wheezing due to exercise-induced anaphylaxis. This happens because of particular kinds of food they consume before starting their workout, especially edibles like shrimp and wheat products.

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