7 Ways to Resolve Family Conflicts

7 Ways to Resolve Family Conflicts

All the families undergo troubled phases or times of crisis. In such times, it is important that someone takes up the responsibility of being the moderator. Instead of letting your family fall apart, use techniques by which you can solve family conflicts and keep all the relationships going strong.

1. Don’t add fuel to the fire

Just like it takes two palms of the hand to clap, a fight or an argument can ensue only if there is anger or animosity from two sides. Family conflicts can involve two people or two groups. Whether you are directly involved in the fight or not, don’t churn out gossip or hurl accusations at other family members without any basis. This can further complicate the conflict.

2. Play the responsibility game, not the blame game

In a family conflict, everyone is most likely to play the blame game trying to escape the situation without hurting their own ego. If you want to spearhead conflict resolution in your family, get every member of the family to take up responsibility for their actions. If you don’t put an end to accusations and blames amongst the family, the conflict may always linger.

3. Be open to compromises

In scenarios when it may be difficult to deal with delicate familial relationships to solve conflicts, you may have to be open to making compromises. Whether it is a silly fight about who will load the dishwasher or a seemingly important conflict about family property, be ready to compromise just enough to solve the conflict without being a doormat.

4. Get your family to talk to each other

Communication is one of the most important prerequisites of solving family conflicts. If no one talks openly, misunderstandings are bound to increase and the cold war between family members may get worse. Identifying the cause of the conflict and evolving strategies for solutions can be possible only when family members talk to each other.

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