4 Cosmetic Ingredients to Avoid

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All women dream of a miracle product that can create magic when it comes to looking youthful and beautiful. With a deluge of cosmetics and makeover products in the market, choosing the most suitable one is often a great challenge. However, great marketing techniques or endorsements by your favorite celebrities usually become deciding factors while making a purchase. It is important to look behind the captivating front cover of the product for ingredients that make it. Check out this list of cosmetic ingredients to avoid.

1. Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate

One of the most common ingredients in most personal care products used in most parts of the world, SLS is obtained from petroleum and used primarily for its ability to foam. But it is also important to note that this chemical is used as an engine degreaser in the automotive industry. A large number of products including but not restricted to shampoos, soaps, body wash and toothpastes use the ingredient to lather effectively. When absorbed into the body, SLS has the ability to result in higher chances of breast cancer in women and reduced fertility in men.

2. Phthalates

When you make use of a cosmetic, check for phthalates, especially in those glossy nail paints and fragrances. This ingredient is a common and important part of cleaning products used at home and industries. Pregnant women when exposed to them run the risk of causing harm to their developing fetuses. Also, you can end up causing damage to your kidneys, lungs and liver. Although, many cosmetic manufacturers have removed the ingredient from their products, a good 70% of personal care products continue to feature phthalates that has also been related to increased rate of obesity in men and women today.

3. Triclosan

If you make use of lipsticks, antiperspirants and deodorants, look at your product label again for triclosan. The ingredient is a popular anti-bacterial agent and preservative that is used in making laundry detergents. Eating lipstick is equal to direct consumption of the chemical and frequent consumption leads to heart ailments and muscular problems.

4. Formaldehyde

Methanol, Oxymethylene and Methyl Aldehyde are some of the other names by which you can spot this ingredient. Used in the making of moisturizers, body lotions, sunscreens, hair conditioners and shampoos, Formaldehyde wreaks havoc on your respiratory and immune systems. Allergic dermatitis, internal bleeding and allergic reactions associated with the mucus membranes are associated with absorption of this chemical. Formaldehyde has a very stinging odor and releases slowly into your blood stream resulting in sustained health impacts.

Similarly, synthetic fragrances, parabens, Propylene Glycol and DEA/TEA are some of the other toxic cosmetic ingredients to look out for to avoid. Identifying a product without the presence of these chemicals may be herculean but is important in order to ensure good health.

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