11 Myths about Extroverts

11 Myths About Extroverts

Extroverts can be surprising when it comes to their likes, dislikes or preferences. But, they are perceived from a very pointed perspective. Here are 9 myths about extroverts which would be interesting enough to read.

1. Extroverts are Talkative

Some people assume that those who love to talk or get along easily with men or women, are extroverts.

2. They flirt a lot

If someone likes to indulge in some light flirting with a friend or with an acquaintance, they are considered to be an extrovert.

3. Extroverts are generally commitment phobic

People who are commitment phobic or like to experiment before settling down are tagged as extroverts.

4. Casual friends

People believe that an extrovert cannot be a true friend or be trusted with important matters of life. According to them, the definition of friendship to an extrovert is limited to material exchange of parties, dinners and movies.

5. Don’t brood

It is also presumed that extroverts never brood. They are full of positive energy and it is their prerogative to make others feel better.

6. Overweight

A glee disposition is associated with an image of a fat, portly person who always laughs. An overweight, chirpy person with curly hair is easily labeled as an extrovert.

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