7 Facts to Know about Frozen Food

Facts to Know About Frozen Food

There are a lot of fun facts about frozen food which few people are aware of. So here are some of them for you to know.

1. Frozen food is not a recent phenomenon

Contrary to popular notion, food was frozen for storage purpose even in ancient China. But frozen food became popular and more widely used because of Clarence Birdseye who learnt the tricks of freezing foodstuffs from the native Americans.

2. Frozen food is highly nutritious

Food retains its nutritious value even when it has been frozen. In fact in certain cases, the nutrient content of the foodstuff even seems to increase after it has been frozen.

3. Frozen food is healthier

It is not just because of the nutrients, some foodstuffs like meat and fish decay very quickly and become contaminated which can be risky for your health. Freezing them seems to be the perfect way to ensure good health.

4. Frozen food helps reduce wastage

Just think of all the foodstuff you throw away everyday just because they are more than you can consume or are not fit to eat anymore. In the present world where people in some countries are even ready to kill to have their daily bread, frozen food seems to be the best way forward.

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