6 Ways to Reduce Alcohol Consumption

 Ways to Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol addiction is a very dangerous addiction which has ruined lives and families of many, all over the world. The addiction to alcohol does not happen overnight – it starts slowly, and then gradually takes over your life in such a way that eventually you become so dependent upon it that the symptoms and effects are as devastating as any other kind of drug abuse. It makes the victim lose all senses and crave for alcohol no matter what the circumstances are or the consequences would be. If you have a feeling that you may be slowly falling prey to this evil that comes in a glass, it may be time you consciously took the decision and the effort to rid yourself of this dangerous habit before it takes control of your life. You must deliberately cut down on your alcohol consumption on a daily basis to ensure that it should not become an addiction. Listed below are 6 ways to reduce alcohol consumption.

1. Drink plenty of water

Before you sit down to drink, drink plenty of water to fill your stomach up. This will prevent you from being able to consume too much alcohol as it is liquid and your craving for it would somewhat get reduced due to the water already in your stomach. The water will also keep you hydrated and will repel the effects of alcohol which essentially dehydrates the body by making the kidneys produce more urine than usual and squeezing out essential fluids from all your organs. So if you drink plenty of water, you will stay hydrated and the effects of alcohol will take a lot of time to get a hold on your system.

2. Slow down

Do not gulp down your drink crazily. Take one sip at a time. You cannot quench your thirst with alcohol because alcohol dehydrates your body and continues to keep you thirsty, the reason why you feel like continuing to drink more and more. But gulping it down fast will only make the alcohol affect your system faster. Do not give alcohol the time and scope to control your body at a faster rate than you can drink it. By taking one sip at a time, you will allow it inside your body too slowly and in very small quantities which will not be that detrimental to your health.

3. Don’t mix drinks

A mistake which many drinkers do is that they try out different variations of drinks by mixing them up. The problem with mixing drinks is that they taste good and they actually get to you. You will only end up craving for alcohol more than usual. This is because different variants of alcohol enter the system in different speeds. While gin enters very fast, vodka takes more time.

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