5 Dating Truths Every Girl Must Know

Dating Truths Every Girl Must Know

Do you think it is unfair that when a man pursues a woman, he is the most romantic guy in the world and if a girl goes after a guy, she is labeled ‘desperate’, clingy’ or even a ‘psycho’? Well, that is how the world works. And there are a few cold truths that a girl must know once she starts dating. Listed here are some dating truths every girl must know.

1. The flasher girls always win

It is for a reason why the phrase ‘love at first sight’ still holds good. You first need to capture his attention even if you are a girl with many virtues and good qualities. Unless he notices you, there is no way he is going to notice your goodness. This does not mean you turn into a fashion star overnight, but work towards building an attractive personality.

2. The more you run after him, the more he will run away from you

While most guys would like to date a girl who looks pleasing, it is not necessary that a girl who keeps pleasing a guy all the time is good. The more you try to please a guy, the more displeased he will appear. So never try to over please a guy, no matter how great he is. Show him some attitude and make him cool his heels occasionally.

3. You need to value yourself for him to value you

Unless we love ourselves, it is unlikely that we will love another person. So if you want your guy to protect and cherish you. then learn to do it to yourself. Unless he knows that you value yourself, he is unlikely to value you, so self love is good at times.

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