5 St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

5 St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

Are you scouting for St. Patrick’s Day party ideas? There are several you can find online and many you can customize to host a party that will be remembered for a long time. A St. Patrick’s Day party should be distinctive in a manner that it does not remind one of birthday or Halloween parties. Here are few ideas for St. Patrick’s Day Party.

1. Invitations

Any party or festive mood, besides planning, begins with an appropriate invitation. Green colored invites carrying your creativity can be sent out to friends and family inviting them for your St. Patrick’s Day party. Make sure you decorate your invite with suitable characters from the legend and also inform your guests to wear green colored attire for the party. You can pick up an invite online or customize one as per your convenience.

2. Decorations

The color green is synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Hence choose a theme based on this color. Green streamers can adorn the party area. If your budget permits; install green lamps, hang green balloons and even green party lights that are shaped like a leprechaun or shamrock.

The Blarney Stone holds a lot of prominence during St. Patrick’s Day because as the legend goes; people who kiss the stone while entering are blessed with the gift of convincing and expressiveness. Paper Mache stone can compensate for the Blarney Stone. Pot of Gold is the ultimate objective and hence design or create a pot and fill it with stuff preferred by the group as well as gold chocolate coins.

3. Attire

Green is always the highlight of any St. Patrick’s Day party. Your guests arrive in green for the party. Besides clothes, accessories such as a leprechaun hat or lucky charms can also be part of the attire for a more dramatic effect. Green scarves, green blazers, green dresses and green anything works well for the party.

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